Woman Brands of Irish & Celtic Descent


Aine a€“ (AW-ne) past Irish: aine a€?brilliance, wit, splendor, glory.a€? Aine is the daughter of Fer I (people on the Yew) and queen regarding the fairies of southern area Munster; is believed to living at Knockany (Cnoc Aine, a€?Aine’s Hilla€?). Aina, Anne

Airmid a€“ (AIR-mit) child of doctor Dian Cecht who had been one of the Tuatha De Danann, an expert in utilization of natural herbs for therapeutic purposes.

Aisling a€“ (AH-shleeng) Old Irish= aislinge a€?dream, or plans.a€? As soon as a guy’s label, but now a favorite female’s identity. Furthermore = Ashling.

Ana a€“ (AW-ne) Ana, or Anu, past Irish goddess a.k.a. Dana or Danu, mother goddess of the early settlers of Ireland, the Tuatha De Danaan.

Anu a€“ (AW-noo or AN-oo) mummy in the goddess of this Tuatha De Danann, Anu or Ana (AW-nee), the goddess of virility, cattle, a healthy body, prosperity, and plenty. Anann.

Aoife a€“ (EE-fe) past Irish= Aife,a goddess ways a€?beautiful,or glorious.a€? Aife = woman warrior After the hero Cu Chulainn, conquered the girl, she bore their sole boy, Connla.

Badb a€“ (BIBE) a€?boilinga€?, a€ European dating service?battle ravena€?, or a€?scald-crow.a€? A war goddess and partner of war god internet; sister of Morrigan, Anu, and Macha. Linked to the Cauldron of existence, enlightenment, motivation, wisdom. Badhbh.

Banba a€“ according to ancient Irish legend, Ireland was first labeled as a€?the area of Banba from the lady.a€? One of several three goddesses of sovereignity whom Amerigin fulfilled when he invaded Ireland.

Beare a€“ term of a Spanish princess whom married Eoghan Mor. A peninsula regarding the southwest idea of Ireland are name for her.


Bevin a€“ (BAY-vin) past Irish=be a€?womana€? + binn a€?sweet, melodious.a€? Title of many early Irish queens and saints, like a 12th C. abbess of Derry. Modern-day Irish Bebhinn.

Brid a€“ (TYPE) Old Irish goddess identity from Celtic brig a€?power, renown, great.a€? Most famous woman saint of Ireland was Brigid (patron saint of students), who had been abbess of Kildare, previously your website of shrine of a pagan goddess of the identical title. In myth, there are three sis goddesses in the Tuatha De Danaan named Brigid: goddess of poetry; goddess of healing; and also the goddess of smith operate. Brighid (BRI-jid), Bride, Brigid, Brigit, Bridget, Berget, Bridey, Bryg, Gitta. Nicknames a€“ Bridie, Bidelia, Bidina, Breda.

Bryg a€“ (BREE) from Celtic underlying brig a€?high, mighty.a€? Name borne by 13 early saints. Variant of identity Brighid.

Caer a€“ (kyair) a€?yew berry castlea€?; through the goddess Caer Ibormeith, a strong shapeshifter and daughter of Ethal Anubail; treasured by Aengus MacOg.

Caillech a€“ (CALL-yach or KEE-lek) goddess referred to as Veiled One; instructor with the arts of battle and considered as a Destroyer aspect of the Goddess.

Caireach a€“ (KEE-rek) Old Irish=name Cairech. Saint Cairech Dergain is the patron saint in the females associated with Kelly and Madden family members.

Caireann a€“ (KAW-ran) Cairenn Chasdubh (Cairenn with the deep Curly Hair) got mother of Niall on the Nine Hostages, renowned ancestor on the O’Neill families and of the higher kings of Ireland. Cairenn (kaw-REEN).

Caoilinn a€“ (KAY-leen) past Irish=name Caelfind: cael a€?slendera€? + finn a€?bright, reasonable.a€? Saint Caelfind of Kerry’s feast time try Feb. 3.

Cessair a€“ (KAH-seer) Of legend, title in the grandchild of Noah, who was thought to need led the very first settlers to Ireland-a group of 50 females and 3 people who Noah allegedly refused

Cliona a€“ (KLEE-a-na) Past Irish=name Clidna. In legend, Clidna got title of one associated with three breathtaking girl associated with poet Manannan mac computer Lir. A fairy of the identical name was the