This is something we’ve started doing this year and has been a great way to reduce our food waste

I make a little extra income from my social media and content creation, around $500 a month at the moment, but I’m working to increase this

6:30pm – I get started on dinner, tonight is just a sausage and tomato sauce pasta, along with whatever vegetables we have to use up. It’s the ‘lean week’ in the month for us, which means we try and use everything we have in the fridge and pantry first and spend only a small amount on fresh food. My partner and I have been trying to educate ourselves better when it comes to our finances, and one thing we learnt is how much of a financial benefit it can be to make sure you’re only buying what you need and using it all up! Bonus points are that it cuts down on food waste as well, which is a win for the environment too.

9:00pm – After watching a couple of episodes of The Office, we head upstairs to get ready for bed. I do my evening skincare routine, which I also film to post on my TikTok account. I mostly use it to post more casual content than what I put on my Instagram. My current cleansing routine is the Paula’s Choice Omega Cleansing Balm followed by the Essano Hydrating Rosehip Gel Cleanser. I follow payday loans Minerva Ohio this with a hydrating serum and oil, then a light moisturiser to lock it all in.

Day Two

6:10am – I managed to borrow a car for my boyfriend to use, so I get a little sleep in before getting up to finalise the caption on a paid post that’s going live on my Instagram. It’s a brand I have been using for ages and I’d love to work with them in the future, so hopefully, it performs well. I don’t have any plans to make my socials my main income, so for now, it’s a great way to boost my savings and have a little extra spending money. It’s raining outside, so instead of going for a run, I fit in a strength workout before getting ready for work.

7:15am – I make my coffee and do my make-up while I drink it. I keep my routine fairly quick on work mornings because I work in a lab, which involves wearing safety gear and operating a Thermoformer machine. Thermoformers are large machines that use heat to form materials into the desired shape, so they can get quite warm. At the moment, I’m reaching for the Ciate Dewy Tint as my base, Nudestix Vegan Splashproof Mascara for lashes and Kosas Brow Pop for my brows.

8:00am – On my way to work, I stop at the shop to pick up a carton of oat milk ($3.80) to use in my coffees at work for the week. $3.80

am – I’m so glad that I bought a top-up of oat milk, as I take my morning break and make an iced latte. It’s been really rainy on the Sunshine Coast lately, but still very humid, so it’s nice to have a cold coffee. This morning has been a lot of barrier testing of the materials we form, which means leaving the samples in a controlled environment and doing regular testing to see how much moisture has been absorbed by the material. It’s quite fiddly work, noting down the weights of each sample and taking care to maintain the testing environment.

pm – After a big morning of getting stuff done in the lab, I’m very glad to sit down for my lunch, which is leftover pasta from the night before. With all the online sales going on at the moment, it’s been very hard to resist picking anything up. Whilst on my lunch break, I do a little online shopping and repurchase the Saint Jack cosmetics cleaning mist ($). It’s such a good staple to have on hand for keeping my products sanitary and cleaning brushes before switching coloured eyeshadow looks. $