The Greatest Intel B560 Motherboards: VRM Tried

After a lengthy, lengthy evaluating processes, we are ultimately prepared to demonstrate our very own Intel B560 motherboard VRM thermal facts. It is used months to have all of this evaluation completed along with total we have now tested twelve B560 motherboards valued between $80 and $150, using the center i5-11400, key i7-11700, key i5-11600K and the center i9-11900K. It requires around an entire day to check a single board as numerous must be analyzed in two designs: one utilizing out from the container power limitations and another with all electricity limits maxed .

On the way, we developed a preliminary post which you may recall where we mentioned the crazy show distinctions observed between Intel B560 panels whenever using 65-watt CPUs such as the Core i7-11700, in which abilities could be as much as 50% better according to the panels tried.

Detours away, it’s now for you personally to grab a bigger look at the Intel B560 mobo landscape. There are lots of brings about look at, thus in place of using somebody check all 12 motherboards, we’re going to start straight to the assessment.

But basic products initially, let’s talk about the test problems. We’re once more making use of all of our devoted test system making use of the Corsair 5000D Airflow circumstances, run on the RM850x power-supply and Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix light for air conditioning.

The 5000D is set up with a single backside 120mm fatigue enthusiast and one 120mm intake enthusiast. After that towards the top of the scenario will be the H150i 360mm radiator with three 120mm fatigue fans. This is a pretty regular configuration, air-flow is great and also in a 21 degree place, I’d state this is certainly an escort services in Oxnard optimal build.


For tracking temps i am utilizing an electronic thermometer with K-Type thermocouples and I also’ll feel revealing the highest rear PCB temperature. Ultimately, I am not stating Delta T over Ambient, as an alternative I maintain an area temperatures of 21 qualifications and ensure a frequent ambient temperature a thermocouple is put adjacent to the examination program.

Evaluating involved four distinct configurations: the very first is a simple examination with the key i5-11400, panels that are running in the 65-watt TDP maximum outside of the container is going to be examined utilising the default power brief setup including a non-limited configuration for optimum Central Processing Unit efficiency. The next test makes use of the center i7-11700 where in fact the exact same procedures apply.

Then we have the 125-watt parts, the Core i5-11600K and center i9-11900K. Even though the B560 boards don’t support CPU overclocking, they may be able however eliminate energy limits, so I’ll be evaluating the inventory outside of the container configuration and then once again with the restrictions removed for panels that stay glued to the TDP specification.

Finally, the worries examination comprise in running a Blender Gooseberry workload that may manage for an hour or so, where point we’re revealing maximum PCB heat.

Intel B560 + Center i5-11400F VRM Examination

Starting with the Core i5-11400, to begin with you need to note here is that without having any power limitations this Central Processing Unit works at an all-core regularity of 4.2 GHz, in accordance with the standard clock multiplier table.

Utilizing the 65-watt energy limit the all-core regularity may differ rather somewhat according to motherboard voltage tuning and VRM quality.

There’s a huge quantity of information to debate, very carry beside me. We’ll begin from the top aided by the MSI B560M Bazooka, working at the inventory TDP configuration which noticed the 11400 average a clock performance of 3211 MHz, drawing 142 watts from wall surface, that’s entire system usage.

Right here the rear region of the PCB behind the VRM peaked at just 42C, which is the most useful consequences we gotten from a TDP minimal setup, though that does not succeed the number one panel as higher-end versions including the MSI B560 Tomahawk, Gigabyte B560M Aorus Pro or Asus TUF Gaming B650M-Plus Wi-fi never manage with any energy limits.