Reddit gays detail their particular a lot of a€?surreala€? intimate activities

Supporters on the r/askgaybros subreddit took a NSFW journey down mind lane recently after one individual expected all of them the a€?most unique, unforeseen intimate encountera€? they had previously experienced. Therefore may seem like anyone have a story to talk about: this one bond got over 285 responses. Below are a few shows from the conversation, gently censored and edited for readability.

The depressed roommate

a€?once I was at university, I experienced a semi-crush to my direct roommate, your being a lot more popular and all sorts of. One-day, i got to my home from a four-day journey, and he asserted that he skipped myself and planned to know if I wanted getting naked and join him in the room for all the evening. I joined him, and it is hot. I did not identify as gay or bi at the time.a€?


a€?we came homes your summer time after my personal freshman seasons of college or university, we went on Grindr, and I watched a youth pal’s father on there. We understood he and his awesome partner recently just got separated, but I didn’t learn precisely why. I grabbed a shot and messaged your. I wound up at their spot, and then he f*cked myself all-around his suite all night long. 24 hours later, we hung aside along with his boy but failed to make sure he understands the thing I performed the night before.a€?

The chuckling suit

a€?I’m not sure when this matters, but my sweetheart and I are having hella foreplay, we hold edging, following the guy gives me a handjob, and I also practically begin moaning like i have never before, noisy and sexy, a€?cause they noticed therefore incredible. I go to render eye contact with him, and I also burst around laughing into the midst and I also are available inside the middle of a intense laughter fit-like, dry heaving laughing-and it was so intense orgasmically but a weird surreal enjoy.a€?

The barracks hook-up

a€?I became creating a work desk work into the Navy in mid a€?90s. My personal nearest coworkers are a quartermaster an additional lieutenant from the military. I was performing rounds for the barracks on per night watch, read noise, and unlocked a door and discovered those two supposed at it. For all the remaining months, they did every little thing they might to prevent staying in the office. We held grinning, in addition to their confronts stored altering between 50 tones of yellow.a€?

The celebration hosts

a€?Once in university, I became over at my pals’ house with a lot of folk. The offers comprise an engaged gay few, in addition they treasured to coordinate fire bowl evenings at her location. Anyway, we were all having a great time, taking and enjoying the evening. Men and women fundamentally started initially to put, and it ended up being right down to only myself, the hosts, and one of your colleagues. One of several hosts a€?turned in’ when it comes to nights, in addition to everyone escort index else spoke just a little longer. After a while, the coworker remaining, and the various other number questioned easily planned to stay and cuddle with them both. (maybe not initially we had accomplished that, actually, but absolutely nothing sexual occurred others energy.) So I stated yes given that it was already late, however when we visited the bed room, the one that went to sleep early got conscious and waiting for united states for the sleep nude. We proceeded to have amazing sex till much too at the beginning of the morning. Still the greatest sex i have got.a€?

The airport connection

a€?I found myself at the airport planing a trip to Budapest from my personal nation, and my brother ended up being coming with me as well, therefore we were simply waiting around for the doors associated with the airplanes to open up in twenty minutes, and I also is on Grindr examining guys out, after which we discovered which was an individual who was two meters from the me. He had a blank profile, and he messaged myself, so I quickly looked around me personally and there’s a chubby bear (my sort) that is sitting inside front me, and actually the minute I considered your, the guy additionally looked over me personally, and in addition we both smiled, although we didn’t even say anything to each other from the speak beside your stating, a€?Hi.’ So, he compares and visits the bathroom that is close by, and I also inform my cousin that i will the restroom actual quick too…a€?